Purl Ten

Here’s my new sweater. Thanks to Tina’s mad math skills, I ordered the correct yardage from Serendipity in South America, a co-op in Uruguay that sells on eBay and, according to Knitter’s Review, wholesales Malabrigo. In essence, this is Malabrigo, without the label. For a fraction of the cost – say about half. The color names are even the same: Pearl Ten. I’ll have a full report on its lusciousness when it arrives in a few days.

In the meantime, I’ve been itching to start the Mud Flap Girl Tank out of Stitch N’ Bitch Nation.


It’s a gift for a good friend who’d expressed interest in it when I first started knitting but I was uncomfortable trying my hand at something so ‘big’ at the point. Now I feel confident it will come out as cute as my friend, plus I want to try my hand at intarsia.

Unfortunately, our LYS closed so I have to run into San Rafael to visit a store now. Dharma Trading is where I first fondled Malabrigo but they don’t carry anything similar to Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (80% cotton, 20% wool). So off to Marin Fiber Arts I went. They didn’t carry it either but they do have Cascade’s version. I knit up a gauge swatch (can you believe it?!) and found, as I had suspected, that I need to use smaller needles. I’m a loose knitter. Wonder if there’s a support group . . .

Wow, all these WIPs makes me finally feel like a ‘real’ knitter. Up till now, I’ve had, at most, two WIPs. I now have FOUR, soon to be FIVE! I may have to start a WIP list on my sidebar. Or I could just finish up a couple. Naaaaaah . . .


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  1. Oh no, now you’ve done it. I need me some Purl Ten too. I’ll be starting a “Best Fit Sweater” class next month. Last sweater I attempted is my 15 year old fair isle that is in the bottom of my closet as an UFO.

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