Coolin’ My Heels

Sundays U-Knitty meeting saw me sitting there project-less. I’d finished two Moebius cowls, am in the process of felting one of Aaron’s slippers (to determine if it’s worth continuing with this yarn – should have swatched it!), and stuck on the heels of my Jaywalkers.

Sunday night, with nothing to knit, I started a catnip toy for Fred. The pattern’s in Stitch N Bitch Nation and was super quick and easy. It took longer to tack on the ears than to knit – mainly because I’d already filled it with catnip and Fred wouldn’t leave me alone! He loves it so much it already has a nice fuzz going. And don’t even THINK about taking it away from him!



I had a great time on Sunday anyway, talking about yarn and sweaters and all sorts of other good stuff. Tina was knitting this sweater and was incredibly encouraging of my inkling to knit one myself.


The pattern calls for Brown Sheep Burly Spun but Tina’s making hers out of bulky (not super bulky). She insists it’s easy to adjust the pattern, PLUS she’s doing it on a circular. My brain is atwirl at the thought of all those adjustments but Tina is very willing to help me out. Soooooo . . . I think that eBay Malabrigo-type yarn will be mine after all. It’s cheaper than Burly Spun anyway.

The sight of Sushama and Laura knitting happily away on their socks – and that I don’t have the sweater yarn yet – shamed me into picking up those Jaywalkers I started a million years ago (September). I stupidly took them to Mexico with me and made a mistake I couldn’t figure out while bumping around in a cramped van. When I got home, I got in gear with my Christmas knitting and the poor little Kool-Aid socks languished. Last month I finally figured out the mistake, fixed it, continued knitting to the heel and put them away again.

But after just a night of heel knitting, I’m 1/4 done:


For some reason I cannot get the screen color just right for these. They’re a true salmon color with light variations in the dye. I love the color! What’s that safety pin for, you ask?


If you look closely, you can see the dropped stitch right before the decrease. I was well beyond it and, with two socks on the needles, I wasn’t about to frog it all. I’ll just sew it in after. “Good ‘nuf!”


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