Moebius Madness

Manohman, I just LOVE working this cowl. But not this much. In my last post I mentioned frogging it a couple times to really figure out the moebius cast on, then to get the number of stitches right. I was well on my way to the halfway point Saturday night, when I realized it looked significantly different than the photo on Cat’s website.


Why in the heck is it lovely stockinette on one half and funky, ugly (comparatively) garter on the other half?


I looked at the photo, looked at the WIP, looked at the photo again. This is wrong! Hubbo tried to reason with me (“So what if it’s wrong – it’s still pretty!”) but I was having none of it. It wasn’t so much because I disliked the garter half, it’s more that I wanted to figure out what I was doing wrong. I went over every direction with a fine tooth comb but could find nothing. With tears very close to dripping down my face, I frogged the whole thing. This was most disappointing because I wanted to have something started for Sunday’s meeting of U-Knitty.

I woke up a little early Sunday morning (insanity knows no bounds) and cast on again but twisted the needles a different way. No luck. Frog. CO again. Nope. Frog. Finally, just before I took off for a Starbucks I most certainly didn’t need, I got back on the Internet and did some searching. What should I find but this pattern by Linda that if you knit moebius-style in stockinette, you’ll end up with the half & half product that was coming off my needles. Whoa! But Cat’s photo . . . I decided to take the yarn and pattern to the group in hopes someone might have a suggestion.

Lo and behold, Laura saw the meeting notice on KnittersReview and stopped in, luckily for my sanity. She actually watched the Knitty Gritty episode with this exact cowl and remembers the garter/stockinette fabric! “I can’t reconcile this photo with what I saw on the show,” she said. Wait a minute! What’s this I see on the pattern? Another photo? Lookie there – half and half, just like mine! So why is the other photo all stockinette? Because it’s FOLDED IN HALF! All that time, I felt like my head would explode, and I was doing it right all along. I would love for there to have been a note on that photo saying “The cowl folded in half” or something of that nature because the second photo is not at all clear, the main reason I didn’t notice it’s half-and-half-ness. Note the tree’s shadow falls directly in line with the center of the cowl so, when the pic is about 1.5″ wide, it’s very difficult to see. (Let’s not mention that the paragraph before the pattern starts actually says it turns into a “two lane road” of stockinette and reverse-stockinette!)


I am now chugging happily away and back to the halfway mark. I really do love working this pattern – though I’m still not in love with the reverse stockinette thing. The cast-on and first row are the real challenge, after that, it’s an easy lace pattern that keeps my attention. And I still love this alpaca. If my fingers had emotions, they might choke up every time they touch its lusciousness.

By the way, Laura mentioned that even metal needles aren’t safe from kitty teeth, as shown in this photo of one of her KnitPicks needles.



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  1. Emma

    Thank you so much. I thought I was doing something wrong, turns out everyone else were *not* using dark magic – they were folding. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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