Stitches Mill Valley

What a wonderful meeting we had yesterday! It started out with just Helen and me as everyone else had plans. As we were farting around with our knitting, I noticed a gal at the next table eyeing our goods so we invited her to join us. Her name is Jody and she’d just gone to Stitches West the day before where she bought truckloads of yummy yarn. (I was envious of her but also glad that I didn’t go. Hubbo would have flipped at all the new yarn I would have just HAD to have bought!)

Jody hadn’t brought her knitting – this was just a happy coincidence – but luckily I had brought some extra yarn and needles. I’ve been working on my ignored Jaywalker socks and was nearing the turn of the heel – no way am I gonna attempt that in a busy social setting, so I brought some other stuff to play with. She’s a new knitter and was confounded by ribbing (weren’t we all?), so I tried my best to give her a few pointers.

After she joined us, another gal sat down in her seat and commenced eyeing our goods. We struck up a conversation and turns out Susan’s a new knitter too! I was all tapped out of extra yarn but we had fun chatting (and, I’m a little ashamed to say, eavesdropping on a conversation between a woman and the former owner of Studio Knit, the local shop that shut down without warning on Valentine’s Day). She’s going to join us next week too!

Then, just when I thought this party couldn’t get much better, Sushama came up and said “Are you the knitting group?” I don’t think she really needed to ask, considering we were up to our elbows in yarn! She saw my posting on Craigslist about the group and thought she’d check it out. She said she was worried that it might be a bogus listing so we’re thrilled she took the chance!

What a day. Jody said she wasn’t have a very good morning but that meeting up with us changed the flavor of her day completely. I think that’s simply wonderful. Sort of a “It’s a Wonderful Life” moment. And all because of knitting!


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