As I mentioned in a previous post, I had finished an MD washcloth — the ‘advanced’ one — and was concerned about its ‘ruffliness’. Several people let me know they had the same issue but laying it flat to dry helped. Just knowing I didn’t do anything ‘wrong’ is good ‘nuf for me. And it’d better be for the recipient.


WARNING: Only click on this pic if you want to see what a non-butt looks like! This is our good friend Aaron when he visited us while we on our boat in Sitka, Alaska. We’d gone to a natural hot springs and he was showering off. He has so little junk in his trunk that his pants never stay up! (He’s NOT pulling them down in this shot, he’s trying to keep them up.) We love him anyway.

Aaron owns a boat too, and had his cushions upholstered in red (no comment) so the rag and burpcloth are to compliment his decor. I bought the big ball of Peaches N’ Creme at Christmas but was too bogged down with the Christmas Blanket from Hell to get to it. Luckily, he has no clue I’m making them for him or he’d be bugging me constantly. “Where’s my dishcloth, LaDonna? I want my dishcloth! Gimme my dishcloth!” Sheesh.

So to get him off my back, I present to ya’ll Aaron’s Red As Your Face dishcloths!

(drumroll, please.)


I was pleasantly surprised that the big ball of yarn yielded not only the MD cloth but enough for a decently sized burptowel.


Too bad I was so distracted by the amazing girls on American Idol (I was distracted by the boys too, but for different reasons), that I messed up occasionally. Just adds charm – yeah, that’s it, charm.


They may not be perfect but he’ll love them and use them. Hope they don’t stain his counters!


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  1. Charm. That’s a great term! I think all my knitting has at least one case of charm. (and a lot of cat hair)

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