My New Hangout

I stumbled across a yarn shop website today whilst looking for 47″ circulars to make Kat Bordhi’s Moebius Cowl. I’ve been wanting a cowl for awhile and just love the look of the Moebius so I started surfing for the humongo needles. If you’ve never been there, Little Knits, based in Seattle, has some terrific yarn and supplies at great GREAT prices. The Addi Turbos were even on sale for 20% off!

Well, heck. I mean, with those kinds of discounts, I had to poke around a little. And just lookie what I found.


I’m drooling on my keyboard just posting the pic! Atacama Alpaca in the #515 colorway (I hate that word as much as Julie). I think they should come up with more inspiring names. This one could have been “Rhody” or “Raspberry Stain” or even “Pink, Green and Brown”. Eh, who cares?! Five skeins of this yumminess is headed my way. Not sure what to do with it yet but I’m sure I’ll find a use!


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  1. Report how you like knitting with the Pink Green and Brown Atacama Alpaca. I’d sent some to a SP exchange last summer and then too late thought gee I should have bought some for myself!

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