Fallen idols

The recent hubbub about Britney Spears’ new ‘do got me remembering how, a few years back, my niece suddenly turned on Britney — she was her biggest fan one day and hated her the next. When asked why the change of heart, she said “Because she mooned someone.” Of course I nodded wisely, as if I understood completely, but inside I was laughing hysterically that a simple, silly ‘mooning’ would alter so drastically Maria’s opinion of her idol.

As I was listening to the news of Britney’s shorn head on the news yesterday, I remembered this incident and realized that I was just like her at that age. Madonna, George Michael, Elton John — they all ‘disappointed’ me for a variety of very judgemental reasons, most having to do with sex. I truly believed they were just like me — straight-laced and virginal. Rumors flew, of course, but I refused to believe that they had ‘morals’ different than mine. When I found out the rumors were fact, I was crushed. I didn’t listen to their music for ages — until I matured enough to realize that there are many ways to live your life and mine is right only for me.

The subject of expectations has been at the forefront of some discussions recently — expectations are resentments waiting to happen — so I naturally reflected on the crazy expectations I had for my idols. Entertainers are in our lives every day — on the radio, TV, movies, magazines — so we feel we know them. Of course, we only see what their publicists want us to see but we’re so desperate to connect that we’ll grasp at any straw and transfer our attributes on to them. And we’re always disappointed. Anna Nicole is a druggy? Weak! Britney has a neck tat? Pathetic! George Michael is gay? Pervert! We forget that they’re just humans, like you and me, trying to survive. Some do it with more panache than others, but they still sit on the crapper every morning.

So the lessons are to not ‘expect’ anything from anyone but yourself and to find people with whom you have real things in common. Such as a group of knitters!

I was lucky enough to get in on the ground floor of a new knitting group — I posted about our first meeting last week — and enjoyed another, expanded get-together today. We actually managed to monopolize the sofa and cushy chairs for the entire time and had a fabulous little knitting party. A male bicyclist went out of his way to let us know he was a knitter too. Maybe he’ll show up next week.

If you’re interested in joining us, we’ll be meeting at the Starbucks next to the Safeway in Mill Valley (Camino Alto & Miller are the cross streets) every Sunday from 10-noon. I’ve also started a Yahoo Group so we can all keep in touch — Rena came up with the great name “U-Knitty” (get it? U-Knitty / Unity? Awesome!). Instead of spending next Sunday morning catching up on all the fallen idols, come knit with us instead. We won’t expect anything from you but to have a great time!




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2 responses to “Fallen idols

  1. Good for you, starting a knitting group! that is fabulous.

  2. Hi. Just stumbled across your blog when looking at the MD-kal site. I’ve had a look around and really like your “place” here on the web. I hope you don’t mind if I come back for more gorgeous pictures and well written posts another time.

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