Dayum I’m Good

I tried the MD washcloth several months ago and totally screwed up the eyelets. Ripped it out and never looked back. Over Christmas, I bought a big ball of Peaches n’ Cream to knit up some washclothes for a friend. I finally got around to it the other night and thought I’d give that bugger of a warshcloth another try. I admit, I did have to rip twice but finally got it – while watching TV. I’d say “Dayum, I’m good” but for the frogging. On top of all that, I didn’t have circs and dpns that matched so I used two circs (ala Cat Borghi) toward the end. But tell me, is this how it’s supposed to look?


I don’t mind the ruffly look but it looks flat in the book. I have a feeling I forgot a plain row or five. Doesn’t matter, just curious about other knitters’ experience with this warshcloth.


Next up? The MD Burpcloth-turned-handtowel.



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2 responses to “Dayum I’m Good

  1. I commented over on the MD KAL blog, but yes, they look like that until you get them wet. Get it wet, lay it flat, it dries looking just like the ones in the book. 🙂

    Great work!

  2. Mine was totally ruffled like that. I thought I had made a mistake on it cause it wouldnt lay flat!!! Plus I made mine out of Crystal Palace and it was huge. I have more info on my blog.

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