Mill Valley Unit

What a great knitting weekend! First of all, Hubbo came home after being gone for a whole month! But on top of that, I finished my twelfth and last Fun Fur had for Kate’s chemo kids. As good as it feels to do something good for others, I’m glad I’m done with that little project!


It was pouring on Saturday and Rob was too tired from his trip to do anything so I played with Kool-Aid. I have a skein of Knit Picks U-dye merino and thought I’d do a little testing. I cut a length of yarn, thoroughly wetted it and put it in the bottom of a pan. Then I mixed up some dye:


I used a 1/8 teaspoon to measure exactly. For the blue I used equal amounts of Berry Blue and Ice Blue, the green was equal Kiwi Watermelon (any green), Berry Blue and Ice Blue, the red was 2/3 Tropical Punch and 1/3 Black Cherry, and the yellow was Lemonade with a sprinkle of Orange to give it punch (HA!). I mixed each with 1/2 tsp water to make it strong, then dribbled the colors on with a spoon. Don’t use too much liquid or they’ll run together! The yellow was a little anemic so I sprinkled some on dry (again, with a touch of orange) to help it along.

We don’t have a microwave onboard so I popped the pan in the oven for about 15 minutes (somewhere in the 300 degree range) and this is what popped out:


Here the dry version:


And here’s what it looks like knitted up:


I’m not in love with the green but kinda like the rest of it. Might end up too ‘primary’ though. I’ll keep you updated . . .

A few weeks ago, I tried to meet up with another local knitter but it never panned out. Last week we got in touch again and made a date to knit on Sunday. I invited a couple gals from work who have expressed interest in learning to knit and we made a little coffee party of it. Here are Annie, Rena and Helen enjoying a ‘bucks and some yarn:


What’s great is that, while we were there, two women came up and said they wished they were knitting with us! We hope to make this a fairly regular group so we invited them for next week’s installment.


Rena’s first ‘real’ FO are the cranberry wrist warmers. I’m scared of cables and here she is just churning them out like nobody’s business!

LD’s Embarrassing Moment of the Day
Rena suggested a name for our little group: The Mill Valley Unit. Nice, I thought. Kinda military-ish but still cute. It took me — I swear I’m not making this up — nearly 5 minutes to ‘get it’. Not “Mill Valley Unit” but “Mill Valley U-Knit”!!!! Of course I admitted this freely, which only served to embarrass me more. Ah well, the day wouldn’t be complete without a ‘DOH!’ moment or ten.

So, all that to say, if you’re in the Mill Valley area next Sunday, drop by the Starbucks on Camino Alto & Miller from 10-12 and join us ‘U-Knitters’.


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One response to “Mill Valley Unit

  1. Rena

    YOU-knit!!!!! Ladonna , not Uknit.
    (or we could do ewe-knit)
    one day I will use this for my website where i will sell beautiful patterns when I learn to design. Ha!

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