Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building. The rat that died in a wall in our office did not, in fact, die in a wall. Yesterday the stench was really getting bad so I investigated more thoroughly. I finally realized it was centralized around my desk, not any wall. I frantically pulled out every drawer, looked behind bookcases, under junk – all to no avail. I finally grabbed a flashlight, laid flat on the floor and scanned the ratty horizon. There he was, crammed into my … gulp … heater. This is so gross, it’s hard to even write about but apparently the monster (and he WAS a monster) did indeed receive a mortal blow from the snap trap but lived long enough to pull himself free and drag his broken body into the nearest small space before dying. (I made the photo a thumbnail so as not to gross anyone out too much – just know I have a much grosser shot of him!)


I sit with this heater very close to my feet – like INCHES – because I work in a basement. It’s chilly down here. After finding and disposing of Elvis (and the heater), I left early and did four loads of laundry. Anything that could possibly have touched me during the last two weeks is now clean.

I sprayed about 1/2 a can of Lysol where the heater was and sprayed the rest of the can this morning. It smells comparitively good in here now but I can definitely detect a faint Eau du Rat.

So how’s that for karma? I buy rat traps, kill a rat and end up with it rotting in my lap. Next time I’ll leave the killing for somebody else.



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2 responses to “Karma

  1. I can match that stinky rat story! I worked in an old government building with a kitchen. Somehow a mouse made its way into the oven. Terrible stench was coming from the oven when someone (not me thank goodness) decided to heat up some lunch. The small building filled with the smell of roasting dead mouse!

  2. Eeew. I love that you got a photo, though!

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