The Fringe of Society

I just learned about the Red Scarf Project about a week and a half ago so, since the deadline is the end of January, I knit up a couple big gauge scarves with stash yarn. The yarn is all recycled wool (from sweaters) that I bought in an eBay frenzy months ago, before I found the bliss that is STR. Regardless of its past, the yarn is nice soft wool (mostly lambswool) that needed a home I probably would never be able to give it – appropriate for an orphan knitting project, no?


The the scarf on the right is a mixed brown and white yarn in seed stitch (with a stripe of off white thrown in). It was a quick knit and seed stitch is so fun for me that knitting it was never boring. There was still so much time before the deadline, in fact, that I decided to whip up another scarf. I puttered around with this one for a week but only for two reasons: 1) I’m on deadline so my knitting time is limited and 2) I made it really looooooooooong. It’s just a simple 2×2 rib with 5 strands of yarn held throughout on size 19 needles but the fun part is the fringe. This was my first fringe experience and I can happily say I survived. Seriously, the recycled yarn is very kinky so I had to straighten it as much as possible first. There’s still a slight wave but it’s pleasing to my eye.


I wrapped them up with Melissa’s fabulous wrappers, tucked a box of organic chocolate truffles and gourmet cocoa inside and shipped them off today.


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