Dusty Wine Blues

I put Hubbo on a train last night (he hates to fly) for a long trip up north which leaves me with an abundance of free time on my hands. Well, not an abundance – I’m in deadline till next week but after that . . . knit city, baby! Anticipating a need for new projects, I decided to join Kate’s charity KAL for cancer kids. I found out about it from Cara – particularly interesting since she’s a self-proclaimed ‘selfish’ knitter (never knitting for charity) but she has her reasons for breaking her own rule. I quickly emailed Kate, as per her instructions to be added to the quickly-growing list of knitters but had to wait till Hubbo was safely ensconced in a steel tube before buying the Fun Fur.


Which I found at Joann’s today for 10 balls for $10! As requested by the kids themselves, I picked a bunch of fabulous neon colors but I couldn’t resist one ball of pale pink for a sweet little princess. The Bernat Boa (in the foreground) was also on sale for $2.50 and thought it would be a fun change.

And this in addition to the scarf I’m whipping up for the Red Scarf Project.


Just call me Ms. Carnegie. But is all this ‘generosity’ pure altruism? If I’m honest, my answer is no. It makes me feel good to help others, of course, but there’s darker purpose. A desire to be part of the group, to make a connection, to belong, even if it is to a group of online charity knitters. The cancer kids or orphans probably don’t care that those unpure feelings sneak into my knitting – hopefully they just dig the the FO. But it is vaguely disturbing to recognize – and admit – my motivations.

Perhaps not so coincidentally, my favorite Aunt commented on the pressure this online community places, no matter how subtlely, on knitting bloggers. In reality, we put the pressure on ourselves which helps explain why I bought 10 balls of Fun Fur, instead of just a couple. Hopefully the fun colors will keep the knitting of the hats from feeling like a chore – I have my doubts, and whose fault is that?

To deaden the pain of these realizations, I stopped by my local Safeway to pick up a bottle of Pinot Grigio for tonight. Living in California is great in many ways but if you prefer a white that’s not Chardonnay, life ain’t so grand. Check this shit out:


This is HALF the wine aisle and it’s ALL Chardonnay. I kid you not. These people love their Chard. I finally found a half dozen dusty bottles of Pinot Grigio tucked away on a bottom shelf in the “Ethnic Wine” section. At least it’s well aged . . . like me.


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