I dreamed of knitting last night. No specific details remain but I woke up with a cozy yummy feeling. Much better than the dreams where I realize during finals week that I signed up for a class I never attended.

The dreams are undoubtedly due to the fact I’ve been totally screwing off at work. I’m checking out everyone’s blogs, free patterns, yarn sites – anything remotely to do with knitting, I’m there nosing around. That and the fact I’m knitting a great pair of Fiber Trends felted clog slippers in Cascade 220 purple and red, coincidentally the official colors of this cool club.


I had some trouble at the beginning with the sole but everything else has been a snap, even though I’m learning some new techniques as I go (like short rowing). I absolutely love them. They’re kicky, they’re wacky, they’re fun! (By the way, that scrap of red yarn on the top slipper is all I had left after casting off!)

I’m also ripping out a 100% cashmere Ralph Lauren cowl neck short-sleeve sweater in light blue that I picked up at a Salvation Army store for $15. It was brand new (with the tags) and the yarn is about worsted weight. Boy, that is some fluffy-ass yarn! And soooo soft…. I just love rubbing it on my face. I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do with it but where else can you find oodles of cashmere for that price? Hubbo wants a big thick blanket (no throw for him) made of cashmere. I told him he’d have to become a millionaire first!

I got a swift and ball winder for Xmas and wound up all my lovely purple and red yarn with it. So much fun! Hubbo was astounded. But as I’m knitting along, the nice criss cross pattern on the outside of the ball is replaced with a much denser stranding – I assume because I’m collapsing the yarn from the inside out. It doesn’t cause any problems but it is curious. Why don’t the LYS-wound balls do that? Am I winding too fast? Too loose? Is there really a technique to winding balls? Or is it just a mystery of the universe like these?

No wonder knitting rules my dreams!


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