Over the hump

Christmas should be fun and relaxing but I don’t know very many people who actually emerge from the holidays well-rested. There’s all that Christmas knitting to finish, for one. And I didn’t escape.


I finally finished the hateful Bro Blanket – in the car on the way home! It’s very cute but so so so teensy tiny. I swear, by my test square, this sucker was gonna fit a king size bed. Nope. It barely covers a lap. I was sorely disappointed for many reasons, not the least of which being that I didn’t have time to knit a border, but Hubbo convinced me not to say anything (as I normally would, ie: Bro: “What a great throw!” Me: “It’s too small, doesn’t have a border and, if you look closely, you’ll find that one of the squares was knit too loosely and is waaay bigger than the rest.”). And guess what. They loved it! I just stuffed my pie hole with some of Mom’s killer pecan pie and let them gush. By the way, I also didn’t mention that it was made entirely with ‘recycled’ yarn from cotton sweaters!

Here my one-and-only niece Maria models said throw (note the log cabin box I put it in on the left).


But the giving wasn’t over yet! During the summer I knitted up a stack of wild MD warshclothes for the ladies in the family. Then while in Hawaii, I picked up a bunch of little Hawaiian soaps. I sort of forgot about them till I looked in the official “Christmas Box” (a tub that holds all the little Xmas gifts I pick up throughout the year – don’t tell me you don’t have something like it?!) and then began to wonder how to package them.

I just let it roll around my brain for a few days until I made it to Cost Plus. What a great store! Wandering around, looking for inspiration, I found these adorable ice cream dishes and the lightbulb went off. A little wadded up paper for the stuffing, white ribbon/whipped cream to hold it all together, and a garnish of red ribbon/maraschino cherry to top it off. Are these just the cutest ever?!


So are these (my sis Sandy and sil Jane):


So once the stress and hoopla of Christmas was finally over (deep cleansing breath. . . aaahhhhh), I felt the urge to pull out the needles. But of course I didn’t bring anything but that damnable blanket with me. Jamie to the rescue! Jamie owns the Brownsville Stitching Parlour (sorry, no website, but the next time you’re in Dinksville…I mean, Brownsville… her shop is right in the middle of downtown) and I always always always buy something from her. Her clientele is so meager that I’d much rather support her than some mega shop in the Big City. Plus she’ll spend hours gabbing with you!

My sis and I found ourselves there, of course, and I was pressed by dear sis to knit her a hat (toque style) in yellow, to match her new ski coat. Now sis knits herself but hasn’t moved past garter stitch scarves – she’s never much cared for reading instructions – so I agreed. Besides, she’s so sweet and pretty and loving, how could I deny her? I left the darn yarn labels at home so will have to edit this later with that info, but here’s the finished hat


with adorable pom at the top.


The pattern’s from Sally Melville’s The Knit Stitch.

But I still had nearly half the ball of yarn left. What to do What to do? It wasn’t enough for a big scarf so I referenced my new One Skein Wonders by Judith Durant and found the lovely wobbly scarf pattern. A few adjustments and voila!


I told sis that I forgot to send the remaining yarn with the hat (I had to get it off asap), and that I’d send it all to her later. Little does she know. . .



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4 responses to “Over the hump

  1. Ren

    i think your blanket looks great and good for you on not saying anything about any imperfections! i have to refrain from doing that with my own projects, too!

    i really really like the way you packaged up your dishcloths! how cute! : )

  2. So many great knitted gifts. You are very creative – those sundaes are too cute.

  3. Your ballband sundaes are just too cute and I am definitely going to steal this idea! Your Bro’s blanket was worth the angony – and don’t you just love One Skein Wonders?
    Jane (lured here from your post on theMason Dixon Knitting Blog)

  4. Those warshrag sundaes are adorable!

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