Sick and tired

I’m just sick and tired of my bro’s blankie. Will it never end? Apparently not. I’m on the 9th square of 9 so I should be happy, right? Right. I pulled all the squares out and the second one I knit is very sloppy and loosely knit. It’s a full log bigger on two sides than all the others. A little variation is to be expected but this is ridiculous. It’ll just mess up the shape of the whole thing. So I STILL have one more square to knit. Don’t even talk to me about sewing them up or knitting the border.

I have a feeling dear, darling bro will be getting a box of stacked squares for Xmas. At least it takes a little pressure off. Now I just need to buy stuff for everyone else. Sing it with me, children: Puh-puh-puh-pressure!


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