Ode to a Meathead

I was getting my every-so-often dose of Julie this morning and read that her adorable Meathead was chosen for inclusion in Larissa’s book. She totally deserved it, what with her creative use of buttons. There were so many wonderful submissions, I figured mine would never make it. It wasn’t made with the right yarn, after all. And I was fine with that — the request for submissions came during deadline and I needed an easy, brainless pattern to expend some energy on.

But being the curious sort, I popped on over to Larissa’s place only to find my Meathead was chosen too! What a terrific surprise! Unfortunately, it’s deadline again and I have to get back to it but I just had to post the exciting news.hat.jpg



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4 responses to “Ode to a Meathead

  1. Woot! Woot! Woot! Three woots for your meathead! Isn’t it fantastic when life hands you such unexpected gifts?

  2. Patricia

    Where can I find that cute pattern?!

  3. Oh! That is too precious!

  4. Hey there! Will you send me an email? I think you are one of the people I could not identify in order to send you a message about where to send your hat, and other such details.

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