What a meathead

I took Larissa‘s challenge — anything to help another knitter, especially if she’s ballsy enough to write her own book — and knit up my very own meathead. My LYS is very chi-chi and apparently is too good to stock Lamb’s Pride so I ‘settled’ for Cascade’s Lana Grande in Lime. The pattern calls for LP Bulky doubled for a 2 sts/1″ gauge, which is exactly what Lana Grande is in and of itself. So instead of doubling, I was able to just go for it straight from the ball.


I chose Lime because Larissa specifically asked for greens and deep pinks to be used, for possible inclusion in her book. I suppose having to use a different wool will disqualify my efforts but that’s ok. I loved knitting this. It took all of an hour and is so damn cute, I could just puke all over it! The only thing I would critique is that it’s listed as an Adult Small but it looks more like it’s for a kid’s head. Now, me, I have a big head (thanks Dad!), but Hubbo has a tiny little pinhead and it looked way too small even for his head (no, he wouldn’t let me take a pic, dammit).


All that was left was to find just the right embellishment. I longed for a nice watermelon slice of some sort but couldn’t find anything that tripped my trigger. The hat reminds me of summer so what could be nicer than to remember summery things in the dead of winter, when you’ll be most likely to wear it? To compliment the funkiness of the meathead, I ‘picked’ these funky flowers. Hubbo helped with the placement — he’s random, I’m orderly.


I wanted to finish before Larissa’s deadline of the end of the month (ok, I’m a day late) so I didn’t rip it out and make it bigger but that’ll prolly be the first order of bizness after I get Bro’s blanket finished. And no worries about running out of yarn. I’d guess that half the ball is still left!

On another note, Cara sent out a challenge of her own to knitting bloggers, which was actually a challenge from this dude who is doing a study of how meme’s spread. Honestly, I couldn’t slog through his explanation but count me in!


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