So there I am, riding my bike to work, minding my own business, when WHAM! Down I go. Here’s what happened: I was nearing a street on which I was going to turn left and saw a car coming up behind me. I crossed over so we wouldn’t get to the street at the same time and to stay out of the way. I figured I’d be a good little girl – you know, stay away from cars, right? – and thought I’d just cut through a parking lot but, alas, the driveway cut-out was very curb-like in its height and I didn’t hit it head-on so my front tire got caught and whammy! I wasn’t really so scared of being hurt but instead my mind was racing with “Oh man, my face is gonna end up in that monster pile of dog shit right there!”

I was lucky. I have some lovely color on my hip, knee and shin, but no poo schmears. The real bummer is I put my hands out to break my fall and jammed my wrist/thumb on my right hand. See that lovely bruise?


Hurts like a bugger and prevents me from grabbing stuff, like…oh, I dunno…knitting. This bums me out, man. I’m only up to the cuffs on the pair of socks I’m knitting on two circulars ala
Cat Bordhi. I also have five more squares of my bro’s afghan to knit before Christmas. Sniff.

If you’ve never lost the use of your dominant hand, try this experiment: for one whole day use your non-dominant hand for everything – buttering toast, washing your hair, wiping your ass. It’s a lesson in humility, that’s for sure!

I’m determined to make this a more regular blog. Deadline is over but then Hubbo dropped by while on his way to San Diego on a boat delivery so life’s been a whirlwind for the past few days. He leaves again tomorrow so I PROMISE (if only to myself) that I will be posting projects, etc that someone out there just might find interesting. And perhaps some musings you might actually want to read.

Until then, be thankful for the use of your dominant hand!


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