My Lunch With Lin & Larry

I’m bustin! And I can’t take too much time to post this but I just HAD to tell you (meaning me, since nobody knows this silly blog exists) about my wonderful lunch yesterday with sailing/cruising icons Lin and Larry Pardey. They’re very unconventional and have been sailing around the world for 30+ years on an engineless wooden boat they built themselves. Anyway, I found them to be totally charming, funny and generally delightful people. I really hope to meet up with them again while they’re in the Bay Area, and not because they’re “famous” but because I truly enjoyed their company.


I love this shot. I had to take a pic to justify my existence to my boss and just missed one of Larry smooching Lin. This was their delightful reaction. I won’t be using this one in the rag so thought I’d share it with ya’ll (me).

On the knitting front, I’m happily log-cabinning away on my bro’s Xmas throw – 3 of 9 squares finished and 1 more nearly done. Woo hoo!


This adorable fellow is the happy owner of a handknit Heartbreakingly Cute Kimono in Blue Sky Cotton with matching booties. Jordan is the newborn son of a coworker. I won the Birth Date pool but I couldn’t in good conscience spend my whopping $9 winnings on myself (besides, that would barely buy a salad in Marin!), so I bought some Blue Sky for Jordan instead. Mommy said she’d rather frame it than see spit up all over it but I insisted something so heartbreakingly cute and achingly soft actually get to spend some time next to baby skin!

It’s still deadline so I’ll be here till 11 tonight – on a SUNDAY!



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