Just to tide you over.

I’m a very busy woman (imagine me swishing my hair in a very Farrah way) and just can’t be bothered to write anything profound for an audience of one (me) when the magazine’s deadline is looming. So, just in case anyone is unlucky enough to have navigated here by accident, here’s a couple shots I took this summer when I was sent to Kauai to cover the end of the Singlehanded TransPac Race (a sailboat race from San Francisco to Hawaii with just one guy – or gal – on the boat). These guys weren’t in the race but how could I resist snapping a few (thousand) shots of them?! Enjoy.


Just be sure to move the keyboard out from under your slackened jaw.



PS: You might be surprised to learn that, even with these kinds of distractions, I managed to finish a warshrag on the trip!


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  1. Hey, Which pattern did you use to make your “warshrag”? I knit them as well. There is a website that has a lot of different patterns here it is http://www.knittingknonsense.com. I love that site.

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